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look how smooth it slips off her left arm and then she catches it with her right. fuck.

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f a s h i o n  &  a r t

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abaddon looks so offended 

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who are the companions?


never skip leg day

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The worst side effects, for me, are the flashbacks. It’s always of the last person I … when … when I was in my untreated state. Um, me and another dead … PDS sufferer, we hunted together and we went to this supermarket and this girl was there.
It’s so vivid what we did, what I did to her.

T h e   g u i l t   i s   c r i p p l i n g.
B u t   I   g u e s s   I   d e s e r v e   i t.


by BootleggerCupcakes

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Get to Know Clara - #21 She loves motorbikes, but not just being the passenger on the back; she even rides one to school.